WILLOWBEND NURSERIES: 4654 Davis Road | Perry, OH 44081 | 440.361.7924 or kwentzel@willowbendnursery.com

By growing 100% of our product in Northeast Ohio at our growing facilities in Perry, OH, we can guarantee you the highest quality and greatest selection of plants.



Updated Availability & Price List

Place an order by contacting your Sales Rep.

Credit Application

Discounts 0% - ($0 - $15K), 5% - ($15K - $25K), 7.5% - ($25K - $40K), 10% - ($40K - $60K), 15% - ($60K - $80K), 20% - ($80K +)

  • Discounts will be honored for orders that are paid within terms.
  • A late charge of up to 1.5% per month (18% per year) or the maximum rate allowed by law, whichever is less, will be charged on all amounts past due from the date due until the date paid.
  • 3% convenience fee on credit cards.
  • All Proven Winners® (PW) plants and BloomingEasy® plants will require an additional royalty fee.
  • All Proven Winners® (PW) plants and BloomingEasy® plants are required to be potted in their appropriate size container.
  • All Proven Winners® (PW) plants and BloomingEasy® plants are required to have a tag or tree wrap. An additional fee of $.20 per tag or $.45 per tree wrap will be applied.
  • A wash fee of $.40 will be added to orders requiring additional washing per states requirements.
  • All Canadian orders will require a $50.00 PHYTO fee.
  • Bailing Fees: Fee charged on all orders being shipped UPS/FEDEX.
  • Boxes/Crates: Available upon request. Fee will be based on size and number of boxes/crates being used.

We ask that after receiving your order acknowledge, you review it immediately for any necessary changes. Sizes and quanteties are subject to change due to the years growing conditions. Order confirmations will be sent out after trees and shrubs are dug and graded. All cancellations must be received in writing before November 15th. 15% restocking fee will be added for all cancellations made within 10 days of your scheduled delivery date! Depending on the weather we beging shipping the first part of February and continue thru May We ship through out the United States, Canada and foreign countries. We appreciate reports on shipments as they are received. We truly appreciate our customers and do our best to fill orders for all plants. All orders are subject to cancellations if stock is injured in drought, fire, hail, frost, flood, errors in counts or any other causes beyond our control. All plants come in bundles of 5.

Quality Statement

We at Willowbend Nurseries want to guarantee the plant material we sell to be labeled true to name and inspected by the United States and Ohio Departments of Agriculture and will be delivered to the customer in a healthy, viable condition.

Should any product being delivered to the customer be untrue to the above, Willowbend will replace those products or refund the original payment amount. We thank you, our loyal customers for your continued business and look forward to continuing to meet your expectations.

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